XFMS-B Series Manual Laminating Machine

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  2. XFMS-B Series Manual Laminating Machine


XFMS-B Series Manual Laminating Machine

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Technical Parameters:

Model XFMS-720B XFMS-920B XFMS-1200B
Max laminating width 620mm 820mm 1100mm
Speed of Laminating 0-30m/min 0-30m/min 0-30m/min
Temperature of laminating 60-130℃ 60-130℃ 60-130℃
Total power 10kw 12kw 15kw
Voltage 380v 380v 380v
Weight of Machine 600kg 700kg 900kg
Overall Dimensions 2100x1300x1600mm 2100x1500x1600mm 2100x1700x1600mm

Note: the machine speed will be effect by the print material , color and the print size !


  • To suit two kinds of film:pre-glued film and glueless film

Collection of Laminating machine