XCP-CE Type Programmable Paper Cutting Machine

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XCP-CE Type Programmable Paper Cutting Machine

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Technical Parameters:

Item Parameter
Max cutting width(mm) 670
Max cutting size(mm) 670
Min cutting size(mm) 20
Max cutting height(mm) 80
Min clamping pressure((kg) 100
Max clamping pressure((kg) 1200
Cutting speed(cycles/min) 20
Dimension(L*W*H)(mm) 1540*1225*1520
Main motor(KW) 2.2
Back gauge motor(KW) 0.4
Net Weight(KG) 650
Order Model:
XCP670ACT:AC380V,three phases, 50HZ
Remark:If you need special voltage or frequence , please discuss with us at first.


Performance summary:

1) 10.4 inch color touch panel, with keyboard

2) Servo control system , Back gauge positioned accuracy is 0.01mm(0.001 inch)

3) Silence standby, the motor only running when cutting, energy conservation

4) Cutting and clamping is all-hydraulic designed

5) Inch and mm display change,Chinese and English languages (other language could be customized)

6) Fine adjustment by electrical handwheel

7) Clamping pressure adjustable

8) Knife distance of travel adjustable

9) Error cutting size correction is very easy

10) All cutting index is superior to the national standard

11) With program mode, running to next cutting size automatic

12) In program mode, could realized uniform cutting and tags cutting

13) The capacity is 99 programs, each program could store more than 400 cutting sizes.

14) Alarm real-time display, convenient troubleshooting with calculator

Safety guarantee:

1) Germany safety light curtain, reliable quality

2) The cutting buttons should be synchronized trigger, which could protect personal safety

3) Double springs reset the knife, safety and reliability

4) Position limited back and forth of the back gauge, ensure the safety of the machine

5) The knife could automatic reset after finished cutting, avoid the equipment damaged

6) The knife and clamping in initial position indicator

Quality revealed:

1) Casting table with Chrome, canon wear, ensure the cutting precision , with long service life more than ten years

2) Imported hydraulic pump

3) Special logic oil valve, make sure the machine oil system running smoothly

4) With linear guide with strong anti impulse force

5) Ball screw design, effectively reduce the noise of machines

6) With Caster for small scope moving

7) The improve oil system reduce the shock

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