XCP-49 Type Programmable Paper Cutting Machine

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  2. XCP-49 Type Programmable Paper Cutting Machine


XCP-49 Type Programmable Paper Cutting Machine

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Technical Parameters:

Item Parameter
Max cutting width(mm) 490
Max cutting size(mm) 490
Min cutting size(mm) 20
Max cutting height(mm) 60
Min clamping pressure((kg) 100
Max clamping pressure((kg) 1200
Cutting speed(cycles/min) 20
Dimension(L*W*H)(mm) 1460*1050*1440
Main motor(KW) 1.5
Back gauge motor(KW) 0.4
Net Weight(KG) 490
Order Model:
XCP490B:AC220V,single phase, 50HZ
XCP490BT:AC380V, three phases, 50HZ
Remark:If you need special voltage or frequence , please discuss with us at first.


Performance summary:

1) One-Piece gantry frame design, which make the machine firm and reliably.

2) All-hydraulic design, Double springs reset, more safety and reliably.

3) Soltless workbench adapt to the small size cutting material.

4) Professional logical valve plate with good quality, Japanese hydraulic pump, which make the oil control system stably and reliably.

5) Linear guide way and ball screw, ensure the positioning precision and with strong anti impulse force.

6) The bearing wheel is convenient for moving machine.

7) Energy-saving operating mode, Main motor silence standby.

8) The back gauge drived by servo motor, positioning accurately and quickly.

9) 5 inch color display, industrial grade keyboard with longer work life.

10) 10 programs and each program could store 50 cutting sizes.

11) Hightlight LED lighting and cutting line with low voltage power supply, safety and longer life.

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