SFB-450 Spiral Forming and Binding Machine

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  2. SFB-450 Spiral Forming and Binding Machine


SFB-450 Spiral Forming and Binding Machine

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Technical Parameters:

Wire specifications 1/4″-1″
Max.Binding Width 450x530mm
Min.Binding Width 130x85mm
Max.Binding Thickness  20mm
Working Speed 800-1300 books/hour
Powder Source 220V 1Ph 50Hz
Machine Dimensions(WxDxH) 900x1400x1200mm
Net Weight of Machine 250kgs


Forming different wires to sprial and binding into the book at the same time.
Changing mould and tooth picth can bind different specification of wire.
Book binding and wire forming spiral finished at the same time. convenience and efficiency
After book binding completely, both ends can cut off and close up automatically.
Books automatically drop into the collection tank after binding completely.

Collection of Spiral Machine

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