Printer Slotter Die Cutter Production Line With Folder Gluer

  1. Slotter Die Cutter Production Line With Folder Gluer
  2. Printer Slotter Die Cutter Production Line With Folder Gluer


Printer Slotter Die Cutter Production Line With Folder Gluer

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Carton Folder GluerSlotter Die Cutter With Folder Gluer

Technical Parameters:

Model HXLT IV (Stationary) High Speed Fully Automatic Flexo Printing Slotting Die-Cutting Folding Gluing Production Line

Model HXLT-IV-900×2000 HXLT-IV-900×2400
Max mechanical speed(p/min) 300 280
Max sheet inlet(mm) 900×2000 900×2400
Mini sheet inlet(mm) 320*650 320*650
Skid feeding(mm) 1100×2000 1100*2400
Max printing area(mm) 850*1900 850*2300
Standard printing plate thickness(mm) 7.2 7.2
Mini slotting distance(mm)knife forward 160x160x160x160 160x160x160x160
Mini slotting distance(mm)Knife backward 250x80x250x80 250x80x250x80
Max slotting depth(mm) 300 300

Specifications are subject to change without prior notice in technical requirements


● Adopt the printing plate change without machine stop of the world advanced technology to save the time of plate mounting and greatly improve the efficiency;

●The automatic production management system needs merely input the order of size on touch screen, then the feeder, printer, slotter, die cutter will automatically adjust all the clearances, axial, circumferential and other parameters accordingly to ensure the great accuracy and reliability without manual intervention at all and achieve full automatic adjustment and improve production efficiency of company;

●50-133LPI high and low line printing does not only guarantee high precision and high definition of high line printing, but also enable the ordinary printing on kraft linerboard and white board to realize of a multi-purpose printings with one machine for saving costs;

●The max mechanical speed can be 300sheets/min;

●All the bearings are imported from Japan;

● Main control electrical devices are DELTA from Taiwan, PANASONIC from Japan, SCHNEIDER from France and other international famous brands;

●Equipped with a 10-inch high-definition color touch screen from SCHNEIDER France with the prominent features of clear display, easy operation,  large amount of order memory and automatic order replacement;

●Remote maintenance function can be optioned available for quick troubleshooting;

● Electromagnetic printing plate roller bull wheel brake positioning device ensures the correct gear meshing when machine resets in order change without stop;

● It has functions of vacuum suction conveyance, suction case elevation set electrically digitally at the max 10mm setting amount, encoder adjustment, photocell position limitation. It also uses the precise bearings and lubricating system from Japan, vacuum suction case positioned with straight rails, triple sectional vacuum structure to ensure over-printing accuracy requirements at ± 0.3mm when conveying the min 350mm paper length; the airflow of fan set in frequency conversion to ensure the printing requirements with different blanks; while the blank absorption suction power is satisfied for different blanks, energy saving is also gained, and the total fan power is 2.2×3=6.6Kw;

The distance between two adjacent stationary color units is designed at 1485mm, which is 2.4 times longer than the ordinary mobile machine. The increased distance effectively prolongs the time of ink drying, saves drying power of machine, and is beneficial to speed and efficient production;

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