NBS-600 Auto Sewing & Folding Paper Machine (Positive Folding)

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  2. NBS-600 Auto Sewing & Folding Paper Machine (Positive Folding)


NBS-600 Auto Sewing & Folding Paper Machine (Positive Folding)

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Technical Parameters:

Max.book size 560mm(sewing side)x430mm(book width)
Min.book size 100mm(sewing side)x240mm(book width)
Book thickness range 1-6mm
Sewing speed 1000-1200 books(according to book size)
Sewing head China made, fames brand and top quality GC20606-1 
Power 2KW 220V
Air supply(prepared by user) 0.6MPa ¢8mm air pipe
Machine dimension 2600x1270x1200mm
Weight 600kg


Auto Sewing and Folding Machine NBS-600 is designed for central sewing and folding for notebook, exercise book, bank account book, passport, manual book and hardcover book. Sewing and folding finishing one time,book could be single/two/three/four block,but should be within the specifications. This machine has the following functions: manual feeding, automatic central sewing, central folding, book pressing and finishing products delivery.

Collection of Sewing Notebook Machine