NB-1040PS Auto Exercise Book Production Line

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  2. NB-1040PS Auto Exercise Book Production Line


NB-1040PS Auto Exercise Book Production Line

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Technical Parameters:

Max. reel diameter 1200mm
Paper width 700-1050mm
Printing color 350-660mm
Printing-cutting length 1040mm
Max.rulling width 260-660mm
Cutting length 350m/min
Max.machine running speed 6-50/pcs
Numbeer of sheets per group 55g/m2-120g/m2
Inner page thickness 100g/m2-200g/m2
Index page thickness 150g/m2-300g/m2
Cover thickness 700-1050mm
Cover length 260-660mm
Cover width 800mm
Max.cover pile height 260-660mm
Paper sheet width 700-1050mm
Paper sheet length 1300mm
Max.deliver pile height 8pcsmm
Stitching head thickness 5mm
Max.stitching thickness 700-1050mm
Notebook binding length 130-300mm
Notebook binding width 120-300mm
Side strimming width 700-1050mm
Cutting thickness 2-10mm
Powder require 60KW
Floor plan 21.8×8.8×2.6m
Total machine weight About 35.8 Tons
Notebook sewing length 700-1050mm
Notebook sewing width 120-240mm
Max.sewing thickness 5mm
Max.sewing speed(Max.book size) 36pcs/min
Max.sewing speed(Min.book size) 55pcs/min


The front / back main machine of production line adopts the big power synchronized  Servo motor, easily, quick to realized main machine individually or completely to produce that, to achieve the multipurpose use, it is satisfy that customers’different producing demands.Servo motor for counting unit, only set on touch screen to changed different sheets number. Counting without changed counting gear. High efficiency, easy operation, quickly, and lower producing lost

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