MOUV-660/760 Manual or Online Glazing Machine

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  2. MOUV-660/760 Manual or Online Glazing Machine


MOUV-660/760 Manual or Online Glazing Machine

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Technical Parameters:

Model MOUV-660 MOUV-760
Max. Sheet Size 620mm 760mm
Min. Sheet Size 150x210mm 150x210mm
Sheet Weight 80~500g/m2 80~500g/m2
Speed 0~40m/min 0~40m/min
Power 12.0Kw 12.0Kw
UV Lamp 1pcsx6.5Kw 1pcsx6.5Kw
IR Lamp 3pcsx1.2Kw 3pcsx1.2Kw
Weight 850kg 850kg
Dimension 3250x1180x1230mm 3250x1250x1230mm


  • This UV Coating Machine is equipped with UV curing

    and IR drying device.

  • Digital frequency converter speed control. And independent conveyor driven.
  • Larger diameter coating rollers makes the coating effect smoother & brighter.
  • Full coverage splash guards to protect from splashing.
  • Used vacuum airbed for maximum hold down the paper sheets on conveying.
  • UV magnetic leakage transformer with parallel capacitor design can better endure the

    voltage fluctuating impact.

  • Two level UV lamp power setting.
  • Easy access UV lamp chamber and replacement.
  • High velocity blower fan for cooling and exhaust.
  • Safety locker on all machine doors and covers.
  • Full coverage protection against UV radiation around the UV lamp chamber.
  • Lower temperature control on the UV lamp chamber surface.
  • Emergency stop switches at arms length throughout the machine .
  • Interlocks design prevents against misoperation.
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