High Speed Automatic Flute Laminator

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High Speed Automatic Flute Laminator

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Technical Parameters:

  Model    XAFL―1300   XAFL ―1450 XAFL―1650
 Max. Sheet Size 1300mmx1300mm 1450mmx1450mm 1650mmx1600mm
Min. Sheet Size 500mmx440mm 500mmx440mm 500mmx440mm
Thickness of face Paper 120~450g/m2 120~450g/m2 120~450g/m2
Thickness of Bottom Paper ABCEF 3&5 Ply ABCEF 3&5 Ply ABCEF 3&5 Ply
Max. Speed 153m/min 153m/min 153m/min
Laminating Precision ±0.75mm ±0.75mm ±0.75mm
 Total Weight 8700kg 9500kg 10500kg
Total Length 10700 mm 12000 mm 13000 mm
Operation Space (mm) 3000×13500 3100×13500 3200×13500
 Power 3~380V(50Hz) 3~380V(50Hz) 3~380V(50Hz)


  • The XAFL series High Speed Automatic Flute Laminator is suitable for the lamination of printed cardboard paper with 3 ply or 5 ply corrugated sheet which is mainly used in food, beverage boxes etc.
  • The machine adopts chasing registration method with the help of imported low-voltage parts, liquid sensor and  motion control system
  • Upper Feeding Part:Feed the paper of 120-450gsm. It can be thinner according to the size and quality of the paper
  • Bottom Feeding Part:Feed different kinds of corrugated sheet between ABCEF 3&5 Ply.
  • Conveyor:Press the laminated paper and convey to the paper delivery unit.
  • Gluing Part:Coating glue on the bottom paper.


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