Fully Automatic Printer Slotter With Die Cutter Machine

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  2. Fully Automatic Printer Slotter With Die Cutter Machine


Fully Automatic Printer Slotter With Die Cutter Machine

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Carton Folder GluerSlotter Die Cutter With Folder Gluer

Technical Parameters:

Model HXLT III High Speed Fully Automatic Printer Slotter With Die Cutter Machine

Technical Data  900×2000 1200×2400
Max Mechanical speed(p/min)  250 200
Max feeding size(mm)  900×2000 1200×2400
Min feeding size(mm) 280×650 320×650
Skip feeding(mm) 1100×2000 1400×2400
Max printing area(mm)  900×1900 1200×2300
Standard plate caliper(mm)  7.0 7.0
Min slotting distance(mm)  Forward 160x160x160x160 160x160x160x160
Backward 240x70x240x70 250x60x250x60
Max slot depth(mm) 300 400

Specifications are subject to change without prior notice in technical requirements


●This machine is made according to the European concept of design with the features of more reliability, function and security, and the European CE safety certification is authorized;

●The printing effect is able to replace some of the offset printed goods;

●Fully automatic production management system merely needs to input the size of order on the touch screen, the paper feeding unit, printing unit, varnishing unit, slotting unit will adjust all clearance, axial, circumferential and other parameters accordingly in accuracy and reliability without manual intervention to improve production efficiency;

●Automatic production management system can store production orders, do automatic and quick order changes featuring more convenient operation;

●Computer remote maintenance is especially added to rapidly remove equipment failure, improve maintenance efficiency and reduce maintenance costs (the mentioned function can be optioned by customers and Internet connection is necessary);

●The machine is mounted with imported transmission gears which are hardened and milled (Rockwell hardness > 60 degrees);

●Bearings are imported from Japan;

●The main electrical control devices are made by Delta from Taiwan, Schneider from France and other international renowned manufacturers;

●Equipped with 10-inch HD color touch screen imported from Schneider French with the features of clear display and easy operation;

●Imported ceramic anilox roller equipped with high quality imported scraper are employed, and the ink scraping chamber and rubber roller can be disassembled and interchanged to facilitate the printing of cardboard with different resolutions;

●The vacuum adsorption case adopts the most advanced technology, and the support bearings of conveying roller shafts must be mounted with oil cup so as to ensure the high speed operation of machine. The high-pressure centrifugal fan (7.5kw) assists the air suction paper conveyance and the airflow is set with frequency converter to guarantee the smooth transmission and ensure thin and curved low quality boards can be conveyed smoothly with obvious good effect;

●When paperboard of different size is being printed, the air damper shall be set pneumatically to gain the adequate air volume necessary for printing;

●Hot air or infrared drying accelerates the drying and realize high-dot full-page printing on coated board (optional);

●The machine adopts special stainless steel shields, boasting the beautiful appearance, easy cleaning and never rust;

●Oil tank of every unit’s main transmission gear is installed with an oil level connector to ensure the lubricating oil level remains in the same horizontal position, when every unit is working, the oil level can be clearly seen on the oil level indicator;

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