EG-600/800/800T Edge Gluer PUR Spray Applicator

  1. Plastic Box Folder Gluer
  2. EG-600/800/800T Edge Gluer PUR Spray Applicator


EG-600/800/800T Edge Gluer PUR Spray Applicator

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Technical Parameters:

Our own design and made PUR spray system 310ml.

Model EG-600/800/800T Max.  Box Width 600 (800) mm
Motor Taiwan  Sheng Bond Min.  Box Width 50mm
Solenoid USA  brand MAC Max.  Speed 135m/min
VFD Japan  Panasonic Machine  Length 6500mm

(9800mm for CL-800T)

Voltage 380v/50  Hz or 60Hz Machine  Height 1200mm
Power 4.5kw Machine  Width 1300mm
Relay Schneider Max.  Air Qty 0.73/min
PUR Spray Applicator Cheng Lin Brand Machine  Weight 2 Tons
PLC Japan  Panasonic Material PET/PVC/PP  transparent

or  printed plastic box


Die-cut  single line

or HF  soft creasing double line


1. High speed fully automatic feeding & folding & gluing (no need do any further process by worker).

2. 4 in1 functions (Gluing PP box with hot air, spray PVC/PET liquid glue, spray PURglue , gluing tiny box).

3. Single line (by die-cut) or double line (HF soft creasing line) directly can be processed by our machine

    ( no need pre-fold by worker ).

4. Can glue PVC, PET, PP transparent or printed plastic boxes.  

5. Can glue all kinds of PP boxes without using adhesive (Twill, Frosted or Transparent),Strong,

   beautiful and eco-friendly.

6. Can glue inner, middle or outer line (1-3 line or 2-4 line)

7. Imported brand name VFD motor, speed adjustable; stable function with low defective rate max. 1%;

   high productivity, very economical.

8. Our machine only need 2workers, 8 hours can make min. 70k to 80k pieces for 100mm to150mm

    length boxes.

9. Humane design, fast adjust and easy operate, one hex wrench can be used for most ofparts.

10. We can Tailor-made machine for your special boxes.

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