Automatic nonwoven bag making machine

  1. Nonoven Bag Making Machine
  2. Automatic nonwoven bag making machine


Automatic nonwoven bag making machine

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Automatic nonwoven bag making machine Model NW-8


1. Non-Woven fabric rolls  Max  width can be 1.4m;
2. Automatic feeding deviation rectifying device. The machine adopts a motor for stable feeding and photocell for deviation rectifying. It will stop automatically without fabric.
3. Independent uniform and auto tension device, which assures the uniform tension for roll fabric from minimum to maximum.
4. Folding part heating & sealing by ultrasonic welding.
5. Rear Machine Deviation Rectifying device, which controls the center of rear machine fabric and front machine, in order to make the bag mouth smooth.
6. Soft loop handles Hand Roll Device, maximum roll fabric diameter is 1.2m.
7. Automatic Double Layer Loop Handle Sealing Device. It can produce 380-750mm loop length and 25-30mm loop width, and it will stop automatically without fabric.
8. Rear Feeding Device. It coordinates with the front feeding device, in order to control and track the fabric tension during creasing.
9. Tracking & Creasing Device for color tracking and side creasing.
10. Front Material Feeding & Storing Device, which increases the machine speed by storing fabric.
11. Operation Panel. It adopts Big touch screen operation with a 90-degree swing, which enables a clear interface and easy operation.
12. Double Servo Motor Material Drawing Device. Double servo motor can adjust the level of a fabric and die, in order to control the uniformity of bag mouth and increase machine speed.
13. Die Positioning Device, which can enable the operator for easy replacement.
14. Side Inserting & Bottom Inserting Ultrasonic Welding Device.
15. Bag Removing Device. Four groups of bag removing devices have an independent regulation operation.
16. Automatic Bag Folding Device, which enables the finished bags folded flat and concentrated stack while delivering the bags.


Power supply 380V/50Hz/3Ph or customized power Total power 40-65kw
Applicable material Non-woven(laminating ) Material thickness 55-120g
Max speed 100pcs/min Bag-making height 180-450mm

Bag-making front width

180-570mm Bag-making side width 80-200mm
Total weight 11000 kg Feeding width 370-1160mm
Handle length 400-600mm Air pressure 1.2M³/Min ,1.0Mpa

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