—— Textile Fabric Direct Printing CI Flexo Press
Textile Fabric Direct Printing CI Flexo Press
Textile Fabric Direct Printing CI Flexo Press
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  • Textile Fabric Direct Printing CI Flexo Press

    The CI Flexo Press is designed for textile printing as per the market development and latest technology. It can be used for printing directly onto the nylon, cotton cloth, and textile. The textile printed by CI Flexo Press are characterized by precision register, quick changeover, and user-friendly operation, free of lining cloth, better ink transfer, and printing effect equal to digital printing.

    Features and configurations: 

    ●  SIEMENS control & servo drive system

    ●  Schneider low voltage electrical system

    ●  Cantilever structure for anilox sleeve and cylinder

    ●  Central drum with constant temperature control system

    ●  Close chamber doctor blade, reliable and easy for change

    ●  Job management system

    ●  Easy operation pre-register system

    ●  Pressure servo control

    ●  Adjustable drying system

    ●  Printing defection inspection system

    ●  System fault monitoring system

    ●  Remote diagnosis and maintenance system


  • Parameters: 

    Web material:Nylon, Cotton cloth, Mixing textile
    Printing width:1500 - 1800mm
    Colors:6 - 8
    Printing repeat length:370 - 880mm
    Max. speed:200m/min (Printing speed depends on difference technic)
    Max. unwind/rewind dia.:Φ1500mm
    Drying method:Gas, Steam, Hot oil, Electrical heating
    Optional items:Web storage system, Double stations non-stop roll change, Print quality defect detection system
    Applications:Textile fabrics

  • CI Flexo Press
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